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        Fulvestrant intermediate

        Camostat intermediate

        Simvastatin intermediate

        Other Technical drug

        Conventional chemicals

        contact information

        • Contacts:Mr YU 13456999252
        • Contacts:Ms GUO 13958545771
        • Email:sales@fangxiaochem.com
        • Website:www.dacapsolutions.com

        About Us

        Fangxiao Biological, is a scientific and technological private enterprise integrating the technical development, technical service, production and sales of fine chemicals.

        R&D Lab: 1200M2
        Major Occupation: Process Optimization, New Molecules Development and 1KG to 100KGS level Production.
        Tech Capacity:  Chlorination Reaction, Oxidation Reaction, Grignard Reaction, Hydrogenation Reaction, Friedel-Crafts Acylation, and so on.

        Production Unit-1: 14000M2
        Major Occupation: Pilot Plant & Commercial Production.
        1 Pilot Plant: From 200L to 1000L Reactors.
        1 Commerical Workshop: From 2000L to 5000L Reactors, plus Distillation Columns.
        Product: Acyl-Chloride series compounds.
        Audit Customer: Lupin (India), Themis (India), Sumitomo (Japan), Farmabios (Italy), Wuxi Apptec (China), Asymchem (China), and so on.

        Production Unit-2: 40000M2.
        Major Occupation: Commercial Production.
        4 Commerical Workshops: From 2000L to 5000L Reactors, plus Distillation Columns.
        Product: Majorly advanced API intermediates.
        Audit Customer: Teva (Israel), Jiangbei (China), Yuhan (Korea), Esteve (Spain), Kolon (Korea), and so on.

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